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Walrus, nervous chuckled at the angry Carpenter for greedy ate all the oysters

I uh, weep for you, I -uh- (burp) oh, excuse me, I deeply sympathize. For I've enjoyed your company, oh, much more than you realize.
~ Walrus, lying to the Carpenter.

The Walrus is the character of the poem/song sequence "The Walrus and the Carpenter", as told by Tweedledum and Tweedledee in the Disney's Alice In Wonderland.

Personality Edit

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His evil grin

While walking on the beach, he spots some little and innocent oysters and convince them to go for a walk with him and shuts the Mother Oyster. He also used his clever lies to arouse the oysters' curiosity and, with a merry Pied Piper-like dance and flute solo, lures them to a restaurant built by the Carpenter in less than a few seconds. Once there, the Walrus tricks the Carpenter into preparing some food so he can eat all the oysters himself. But when the Carpenter returns and sees what happened, he ends up getting chased and attacked by the Carpenter.
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