Bien, My Amigos. If we can't scare Adam, we can scare his little amigo.
~ Jazz, telling Leopoldo and Taco about giving up on scaring Adam.

Jazz the Jaguar is a brownish-orange jaguar, who lives in the valley of South America. He is a bully of Adam and a sidekick of Leopoldo. He is good at anything, even football. He is afraid of monsters. He unlocks everything with his claw. But he doesn’t know how to dance. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

As stated above, Jazz is brownish-orange. He has blue-purple spots. His nose is colored purple.


Season 1Edit

  • The Story of Adam the Armadillo (first appearance)

Season 2Edit

  • The Story of the Monster in the Forest
  • The Story of Annie the Anaconda

Season 3Edit

  • The Story of Jazz the Carnival King
  • The Story of Leopoldo the Llama
  • The Story of Tallulah the Toucan

Season 4Edit

  • The Story of Tallulah's Surprise Present (final appearance)



  • In the Canadian French, he is called "Jean-Jacques". The names "Jean" and "Jacques" are the Canadian French names.
  • Jazz is the first character to speak with a Hispanic accent and also voiced by Dan Russell.
  • Coincidentally, Jazz and Taco are the only South American characters that speak with an Hispanic accents.
  • Jazz eventually stopped being antagonistic since the Season 2 final. He usually makes Adam and Leopoldo become animal friends (or sidekicks).
  • He is the only character whose name ends with the letter "Z".
  • He is very similar to Steele in "Balto". These antagonists are very mean to the protagonists (Balto and Adam). The big difference is that Jazz is a jaguar and Steele is a husky dog.
  • His animation is very similar to the tiger from the animated short directed by Vrombaut. However, there are 2 differences:
    • Jazz is running to kick Adam (as a football). The tiger is running away from the hunters trying to shoot it.
  • His favorite dance move is the Jaguar Jive.
  • In 64 Zoo Lane on the 3 channels of It's Itsy Bitsy Time, Noggin and Universal Kids websites, The American pronunciation of Jaguar ''Jag-whar'' is used in the US version.
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